Betty by Gary Delainey and Gerry Rasmussen

Type: Comic Strip
Categories: Women.

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Betty is a smart, savvy comic character who is unapologetically ordinary, happy and female. Betty is a truly modern woman - a wife, mother and working woman.

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Gary Delainey

Gary Delainey and Gerry Rasmussen are co-creators of the comic strip Betty. Betty is a smart, savvy comic character who is unapologetically ordinary, happy and female. Betty is a truly modern woman — a wife, mother and workingwoman. “Betty is an original, funny character who manages to survive both life’s mundane and difficult times with style and humor,” said Delainey. “You will see yourself in her and you will laugh out loud. Really!”

“Although Betty has been running for over 20 years, it’s the only strip that’s about life right now,” said Rasmussen. “The characters are real, and Betty’s world is one that many people can relate to.”

Originally from Alberta, Canada, Gary Delainey and Gerry Rasmussen first met as senior high school students in a local art competition. Their paths crossed again the following fall, when they each enrolled in the Fine Arts program at the University of Alberta. Ever since they teamed up, Betty has been a sensation — the strip received the Wilbur Award for its series on Junior (Betty's son) getting baptized. Delainey and Rasmussen continue to live and work in Alberta, Canada.

Gerry Rasmussen

Meet the Cast of Betty

Betty Betty is a funny, practical woman seeking to live a happy, meaningful life with her husband and son in the often ridiculous, changing world of today and tomorrow.
Bub Betty's husband, Bub, is Betty’s rock to lean against in times of trouble and to vacuum around the rest of the time. Bub is a funny, bighearted guy and perfectly suitable husband and father.
Junior Betty’s son, Junior, would say he’s a teenager caught in the riptide of technological and societal change. He’d say that mostly to keep from having to turn off his games and phone, log off Facebook or take responsibility for cleaning his room. Junior is often Betty’s connection to this new world and her reason for trying to understand it.
Alex When not at home or at work, Betty is often out with her friend Alex. Alex is a woman operatic in appearance and emotion, and often as relatable. Alex lives a much more extravagant life than Betty, but the two manage to make their friendship work.
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