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Advice from a seasoned financial writer on personal investing. A strong advocate of index-fund investing, Scott Burns recommends bypassing high-commission brokerage advice in favor of Couch Potato investing via a series of portfolios he has constructed of varying numbers of index and exchange-traded funds. He recommends specific funds with very low or nonexistent fees. The emphasis is on commonsense financial principles, not glamour stocks or quick returns. Scott wants his readers to invest with a long time frame in mind. He also answers queries on such topics as retirement planning, renting vs. buying, buying life insurance, paying off a mortgage, and much more.


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Scott Burns

Scott Burns retired from the Dallas Morning News in 2006 after 22 years as its personal finance columnist. He started AssetBuilder, an Internet-based registered investment adviser. He says it's fun to actually manage money as well as write about it.

His business experience includes work with a major management-consulting firm and six years as a director of a publicly traded manufacturing company.

Other media experience includes radio, TV, speaking engagements and seminars. He graduated from MIT with a degree in humanities and biology. 

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Scott claims there's no magic to investing. Following some basic principles and with a little discipline, all of us can construct investment portfolios that will not be subject to the erratic daily trading of the stock market. He is wary of broker advice, because it usually comes at high price, often wiping out any gains that might be made by following it. Scott's column is one of our longest-running features. He is trusted by readers and editors alike for clear and consistent advice.

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